Spiderweb in Morning Dew

The Glittering Trap of Everyday Life

Traps he set with fine cobweb
Made a tiny house of gold
Set with shimmering silver stone
Just like tales of old.

From the moment we are born, threads of love and life weave themselves around us. The silken web is dense enough to walk on by the time we enter adulthood, but it keeps growing. New jobs and relationships, different places and times, all lend themselves to creating this structure we live on. 


It's so easy to see this web as the enemy; curse it for shrouding us, limiting us, slowing us down with its sticky overwhelming love and banal routine. So easy to forget that it has become our catch-all for daily joys and griefs, carrying on its deceptively fragile structure all the emotional load of our lifetime. The threads tangle and snake around you when you want to walk out, but they are also something to hang on to when there is no support anywhere else. And a single thread can take you to otherwise unreachable heights - or unfathomable depths.


When you are in it, the web of life is nothing but a trap and a hunting ground to help you survive. But if you take the time to look from beyond, you might realise what a lovely life it is that you are weaving!


What do you feel? Is the web of your life more like a trap or a cocoon? 


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