Japanese Maples at Westonbirt Arboretum, United Kingdom

The leaves flirted lazily with the wind, unaware of the moss creeping up slowly behind them.

Fear, Fun and Other Factors

What strikes me about Halloween or All Saints’ Eve is that it is essentially a celebration of fear. Never mind its pagan, Celtic or Gaelic history. Never mind its modern association with costumes and revelry. What we are doing is finding ways to express what we fear – and make it so comical that we fear it no longer.


As a race, we have taken over the planet, but are afraid of every single thing on it. From deadly mosquitoes to the murderous intent within each one of us, there is so much scaring us at every living minute. What a change to laugh at the things that go bump in the night!


An enterprising old lady called Fear

Thought Death was fearfully near.

So she took off her denture,

And looked such a misadventure,

That Death ran away fearing Fear.


Yes, fear deserves a celebration. What do you feel about it? How would you make your biggest fear look comical? Do write below!


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